Anniversary & Infinity Rings

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An Anniversary band, also called an infitity or eternity band can be worn alongside a wedding band or on its own. Traditionally, eternity rings are given as a gift to celebrate a special wedding anniversary or new child.  Learn more.

An eternity band (also called an infinity ring/band) is typically gold or platinum ring comprised of a continuous loop of identically cut diamonds given for a wedding anniversary and is typically worn on the left-hand ring finger to symbolize never-ending love. They are also commonly given as a gift after the birth of a child to represent the circle of life or as a special romantic gift on Valentine’s Day birthday or special holiday. A more recent trend, infinity rings are being given as promise ring, signifying a promise to take the relationship seriously.

The diamonds used for an eternity band are often smaller and ungraded/unregistered. When reviewing diamonds for your infinity ring, choose gems that are the most brilliant to your eye without visible blemishes. Being a premier diamond jeweler, DePrisco uses only the best quality diamonds in our custom made infinity bands.