DePrisco University

The Foundation of a DePrisco Diamond

The most important part of a diamond’s beauty is it’s cut. Cut adds brilliance, sparkle, enhances the gem’s overall beauty and can make it appear larger than might be expected based on carat weight alone. Regardless of the shape, the cut of a diamond is what gives it its life. Without a good cut, the color and clarity make little difference in the beauty of the gem.

The color refers to the lack of tinting in the diamond. The more colorless the diamond the rarer the gem. D is the rarest and highest color grade there is. In choosing a diamond it is best to view several diamonds of different colors to see what color best suits your needs.

Refers to the size and visibility of the inclusions (or imperfections) in a diamond. As with color, high clarity is a rarity. In a diamond with a grade of SI1 or higher the inclusion cannot generally be seen by the unaided eye.

Refers to the actual weight of the diamond, not its visual size

As the name suggests, shape (Emerald, Princess, Round, etc.) describes a diamond’s form, primarily as viewed from above. All diamond shapes have different attributes, but the overall beauty of the shape of a diamond is a matter of personal taste.