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How to buy an engagement ring

A diamond’s cut – it’s symmetry – is what most determines both its value and sparkle factor. If a diamond is cut too deep or shallow it will appear dull and be worth less than a diamond cut with perfect symmetry. We often say that ‘DePrisco sells quality’ – Meaning we work with our customers to get the highest quality diamond for their budget. Most often, we advise quality over size. You can always trade up later when your careers are more established or you make it big!

Although the round diamond solitaire is by far our most popular engagement ring, there has been some interest lately in non-traditional precious stones – A ruby for Katy Perry, Eva Longoria and Jessica Simpson, blue sapphire for Kate Middleton and Gwyneth Paltrow and an Emerald for Hilary Swank and Halle Berry.

Kelly Clarkson, Iggy Azalea and Carrie Underwood all chose canary yellow diamonds, and for Mariah Carey and Victoria Beckham the very rare fancy pink diamond.

More than ever before couples want a custom ring that tells their own story and reflects who they are as individuals. However, some gemstones are not well suited to being worn daily.

The hardest, most durable gemstone is a diamond, followed by sapphire and ruby. Because they are the hardest, they are also the most resistant to scratches and chips. With proper care, a diamond will retain it’s beauty longer than any other gemstone.

“Soft-Stones” such as Pink Morganite, Aquamarine, Opal and even Emerald are too soft for daily wear and not recommended to be used as an engagement ring. In a short amount of time, these stones will appear dull, chip, scratch, and quickly lose their lustre.

Although we have many stunning designer rings in our jewelry cases, the vast majority of our customers prefer that we assist them in building a custom ring from scratch – And although we’re happy to design any ring you wish, our recommendation is to use a diamond, ruby or sapphire for your center stone.

Below is a checklist of all the considerations and choices you need when buying an engagement ring.

Your Working Budget
The final cost of your engagement ring will depend on many different factors – If you give us a number to work with, we can help you get the most ring for your money.

Choose the Diamond

Color, Cut, Clarity, Carat Weight

Choose the Setting

– Ring Styles
– Ring Metals
– Ring Features

Get An Appraisal

Insurance the Ring

When it comes to buying a diamond, we find that an educated customer has a smoother and more enjoyable experience. Use our DePrisco Diamond University pages to learn all you need to know to make an informed decision. Learn about the 4C’s of diamond quality – And get the DePrisco 5th C – Confidence that you have chosen the perfect diamond just for you.